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No. Trouble.

Testament Of Truth


All About That Basement is founded by a local veteran living right here in the mountains of Hendersonville, NC. He's lived here over 25 wonderful years. He understand the community of WNC. He's smart. Handsome. Strong. Professional. Down-right hilarious. Just ask his beautiful, amazing wife, with whom he runs the business and shares company ownership. He may or may not be the author of these words. You'll never know unless you call All About That Basement for a free estimate to author the project of your dreams! We look forward to working with you.

We created All About That Basement LLC to invest in our community. We specialize in crawl space encapsulations, vapor barriers, insulation remediation, mold removal, industrial dehumidifier installations, interior french drains, sump pump installations, interior painting, and a partridge in a pear tree. We also know a couple of plumbers that carry the weight of our 5-star guarantee.

Encapsulation Experts


What Are Crawl Space Encapsulations?

Crawl space encapsulation creates a controlled environment underneath your home by sealing the space from the outside, and, potentially, inside elements. This is achieved through various services such as interior french drains, sump pump installations, de-humidification, thicker vapor barrier, insulating, weather sealed crawl space door(s), sealed foundation vents, etc. This thorough process provides numerous benefits to the homeowner or tenant, such as increased energy savings and increased quality of life.

Bread & Butter

Vapor Barrier Vindicators

A vapor barrier, or - more accurately - a vapor diffusion retarder, is utilized during home construction to mitigate moisture intrusion. In our case, we are focusing on basements and/or crawl spaces. In the state of North Carolina, building codes require a six millimeter plastic to be laid across Mother Earth from wall to wall. This means the plastic sheeting must stretch in each direction until terminated at the wall. Plastic will not be ran up each foundation wall as an encapsulation would, but will be cut to meet the wall. Most crawl spaces in the WNC area will have this arrangement. Foundation vents are implemented to create a cross-breeze, allowing the foundation of the home to breathe naturally. While this is not necessarily wrong, it will not give you the protections of a fully encapsulated crawl space or basement. Your foundation will still be open to outside elements such as humidity and pests.

We can still work with this type of environment. Not all homes are designed to be encapsulated! We can still provide a myriad of services to keep your foundation safe, such as our Annual Analysis.

What Is A Vapor Barrier?

Moisture Medics

Water Warriors?

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Either title you choose, we have years of water damage mitigation experience. We can put all your worries of water intrusion, flooding, and surprise leaks to bed. Equipped with the latest technology, we are able to pinpoint any source of water damage to an effective "T". If you need affected materials removed, dried out, or replaced, we are the desired hero. Check out our restoration website here.

To elaborate, we've experienced thousands of jobs due to crawl space or basement floods, sewage backups, burst pipes, blown-out water heaters, and act-of-God groundwater intrusions. In all cases, we will respond with equipped, experienced technicians.

Perfect Painting

Interior Painting

That's right, we even provide interior painting services. We don't mess around either, this is the real deal. I won't bog you down with paragraphs of information, I'll just drop a short gallery of our work for you to peruse.